WHY EcoKnit?

EcoKnit is a Quick Drying Snag Free Terry Towel range tested and used extensively throughout the world!

First and Foremost we guarantee that EcoKnit towelling will SAVE YOU MONEY!

* Fast Drying – Guaranteed 30% quicker drying – often up to 40% quicker – good for the environment – good for your budget

* Snag Free- the EcoKnit range is virtually indestructible AND with a 2 year guarantee you know you’re covered and will be saving money on replacing stock

·   Of equal importance is the quality, the look, the feel, the absorbency, the shape retention and the LONG LIFE of these towels – they are simply superb

·   We will supply – We’ve invested in this range, you’ll be able to replace or add to your supply from our range right here in our New Zealand Warehouse – no more miss-matched towelling

No other Terry Towel has the advantages of ECOKNIT, FACT!

We believe EcoKnit is "THE MOST TECHNICALLY ADVANCED QUALITY TERRY TOWEL IN THE WORLD TODAY! " – your guests will tell you, your bottom-line will tell you – EcoKnit will give you the best Return on Investment you’ll make in 2011.

Advantages of the EcoKnit Towel:

EcoKnit Towels dry up to 40% faster

Reducing your energy consumption and costs by up to 40%! PROVEN 

- Your existing woven towels are now COSTING YOU up to 40% MORE to process than the EcoKnit towel

EcoKnit Towels are Snag Free

and are virtually indestructible

- Knitted rather than woven the loops cannot come loose, the towel cannot fall to pieces like a woven towel

- No more frayed or torn hems and edges, no more unsightly pulls and threads.

EcoKnit Towels will last 2 to 3 times longer than your current towels

  • Save on on repurchase costs and re-order levels

  • Increased investment now will save over time and ensure you always have the BEST towels for your guests/patients

EcoKnit Towels do not have Differential Shrinkage

 No bottle neck effect & awkward hanging towels.

With EcoKnit Towels we can decrease the gsm weight and cost of the unit and still maintain the quality

Because the pile is knotted into the base construction of the towel and the loops cannot be pulled out, we have managed to put 80% of the overall weight of the towel into the pile to give it a luxurious feel and finish. We can therefore reduce the weight of the towel to make further cost savings while still maintaining existing quality.

EcoKnit Towels have an open base construction

This allows water to be expelled more effectively.

Lower emissions

This means reduced carbon footprint and more Eco friendly than any other terry towel on the market today.

EcoKnit Towels have exceptional colourfastness even at 95°C

With EcoKnit Towels we Guarantee to increase your laundry capacity!