Towel Care

General Care Of Towels

- A Brief Summary

Wash a towel at 70 degrees Celsius, at this temperature, thermal disinfectant, most bacteria is eliminated.

White towels may be brightened slightly by using sparing amounts of Bleach.

Coloured towels must not be bleached using Chlorine bleach as this will cause the towel to change colour, usually an orangey, rusty colour.

You do not need to iron your towels, however it will not harm the towel if you do. Ironing usually flattens the loops on the towel. The best towels have a soft fluffy handle with upright loops like soldiers.

Towels do not need to be dry cleaned. If a towel is stained, rather spot out the stain with a recommended stain remover.

For tumble drying, it is not recommended to exceed 60 degrees Celsius. This temperature is sufficient to restore the pile and maintain a soft fluffy towel at all times.

When using fabric softener use very sparingly and follow the manufacturers minimum dosing guidelines. Too much softener will cause the water absorbency of your towel to be reduced resulting in a greasy feel when drying.

Some hair dye and other beauty therapy chemicals contain Benzyl Peroxide which can cause some colours to be destroyed resulting in a discoloured towel.

If you keep these simple facts in mind your EcoKnit Snag Free Quick Dry Towels will last for many years to come.