" EcoKnit Towel Performs Exceptionally In Tests"

A Technical Assessment was carried out with JLA laundering systems to determine the Drying Characteristics of Commercially Available Towels and OTEX (OZONE Disinfection Laundering System).

Two types of towels were assessed for comparison purposes:

Hartdean's EcoKnit Towel - 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester

Industry STD Woven Towel - 100% Cotton

OTEX System The OTEX system developed by JLA incorporates the second strongest disinfectant called Ozone. This is introduced automatically into the water using patented interfusor technology allowing laundering to be carried out at much lower wash temperatures yet still providing superior disinfection. OTEX is currently installed in over 1500 sites.

Methodology A standard cold OTEX wash cycle in a JLA HC100 10KG washing machine with and without the addition of ozonated water was used. Towels were dried at 140°F using a JLA T30 gas dryer.

EcoKnit savings...

Savings derived from using EcoKnit rather than Woven on OTEX system 26.5%

Savings derived from using EcoKnit rather than Woven on Conventional system 30.2%

Savings derived from using EcoKnit and OTEX rather than Woven and Conventional 41.9%

Full report available on request.