So What is EcoKnit?

EcoKnit is an innovative product designed to help reduce towel-laundering costs; in particular, they will reduce your energy consumption and reduce your energy bills, this is proven and we guarantee it.

A very special construction has been developed to give the towel quick drying and snag resistant characteristics, making it exceptionally durable and long lasting.

How is it done?

Firstly we knit our towels as opposed to traditional methods of weaving towels.

By this method we are able to knot every individual loop on the towel into the base construction, thereby preventing the loops from coming loose / been pulled.

This is a long expensive process but second to none when comparing advantages with woven towels.

The next step is to use polyester in the base of the towel; polyester has quick drying properties, making it perfect for towels and provides inherent energy saving characteristics.

How is this process different to woven towels?

You cannot knot individual loops into the base of the towel in woven towels because of the technology and the machine capability, because you cannot knot the loops it now rules out the use of a polyester base as there would be nothing holding in the loops to prevent them pulling loose, and the towel would fall to pieces very quickly.

Any supplier which advocates that they have polyester in their towels are in fact referring to a blend whereby they mix polyester with the cotton fibres, this is used to strengthen the yarn for the weaving process which helps reduce breakages on the machines and speeds up production and improves productivity**


Open Base Construction

Open base construction allows the towel to expel water quickly!

Reducing time in the wash & dry cycle!

Loops knotted into base to prevent snagging.

Our unique Knitted construction prevents snagging of loops and traditional problems such as hems and selvedges fraying as seen here with this typical woven Bath mat.

Frayed Edge

Does Polyester spell trouble?

Simply put, NO - 99% of establishments use cotton/poly bed linen with a combination of 50% Cotton & 50% Polyester so there is no need to worry about the polyester content in these towels. Further the polyester in the towels does not come into contact with the user as it is hidden in the base of the towel. The only fibres that come in contact with skin are 100% cotton.

Advantages of the EcoKnit Towel over Woven Towel

In fact the towel is so strong and durable; you can brush it with a wire brush!

The washing machine and tumble dryer have sharp obstacles. Sharp edges on laundry cages, guest's nails or jewellery all play havoc with towelling resulting in snags, loops, pulled threads, worn edges, fraying and even rips and tears.

With EcoKnit knitted towels you will not have these problems.

The loops will not pull, the hems will not split, and the selvedges will not fray - no matter how many times the towel is washed!

Furthermore, there is minimal to zero differential shrinkage in the cross border, quicker drying times when compared to standard towels and reduced laundering costs.

Longer Life - Even More Washes

You will get 2 to 3 times more washes* from the EcoKnit knitted towels than you would from normal woven towels WITH NO EXTRA CARE OR ATTENTION NEEDED.

This is achieved by knotting the individual loops on the towel with polyester, a construction of 80% cotton & 20% polyester, which provides incredible strength in the pillar stitch and makes the overall towel exceptionally strong, durable and long lasting.

*Under the same washing conditions as woven towels

EcoKnit - Snag-Free and Quick Dry

More Luxurious Feel and Better Absorbency

It is easy to understand why EcoKnit knitted towels are the ideal choice from an economic perspective - add to the other advantages - a more luxurious feel and better absorbency, not to mention the quality; it’s easy to see why EcoKnit is the preferred towel in internationally acclaimed Hotel chains across USA and Europe and Australasia.